Will Your Next Drone Be a Life Saver?


With the growing use of technology within the healthcare sector, people are finding new innovative and time saving ways to take advantage of the fast paced speed of drones, in an aging World. In this article we are outlining how one company has developed it’s own initiative to deliver blood nationwide in Africa. Zipline launched in 2016 and since then, thousands of units of blood has been delivered, approximately 400+ deliveries and counting.

People in Africa are starting to see the advantages of the drone system, with a reduction in waste and fast delivery times, with nationwide deliveries ensuring blood transfusions are able to get to the hospital quickly, and securely. Possibly skipping hours miles of road time, and ensuring that patients are getting the blood they need, as quickly as possible.

It’s just one of the many ways autonomous drones can enhance our everyday lives, often skipping legacy structures and being rolled out to more advanced networks. Connecting hospitals with a vital bloodline via drone delivery will most definitely see some smiling faces, including the children whom wait to see the drones come and go at the sidelines of the companies headquarters. Developing countries will be foreseeing an increase in faster healthcare supplies with the help of drones, including medicines and vital aid.

Outside Africa, the demand of this technology is growing with the volatility in oil prices demanding higher costs of transportation of vital supplies to often inaccessible towns or villages which are in desperate need of supplies.

Autonomous drone technology

This drone technology is enhanced by many technology companies which are looking to operate autonomous drones for many uses outside of healthcare, and with the popularity of personal drone usage soaring it won’t take long for the next drone wars to become reality in high speed racing matches, and pin-point precision accuracy.

In other cases we are seeing drones being used in mining, underwater drones to combat our blindsight under the sea beds, fighting malaria and many more.

In most cases we are seeing interest from personal users whom are seeking a new past time and realizing the true benefits which understanding the technology can hold, whether it be getting your perfect holiday snaps, saving lives or whatever else that may be!

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