Who Hires Drone Pilots? 5 Jobs You Can Get As a Drone Pilot

Who Hires Drone Pilots?

Are you wondering who hires drone pilots? The drone industry is certainly not what it used to be just a couple of years back. Gone are the days when drones were used exclusively by the military and hobbyists. Today, drone technology has advanced to such a great extent that UAVs have become instrumental tools in a number of fields. Before you can fly a drone professionally, you need to obtain a 107 license to fly from the FAA. Learn more about drone registration here.

There are plenty of places where you can get the appropriate training courses for becoming a drone pilot. Drone operators today are in extremely high demand due to the rising number of jobs in the drone pilot job market. That’s because drones are becoming increasingly useful, not just in industries that are related to aviation, but also in businesses like real estate, agriculture, law enforcement, construction, and many more.

Once you get your drone operators license, you can turn your hobby into a well-paying job by applying for the following drone pilot jobs.

Who Hires Drone Pilots?

Who hires drone pilots?

1. Package Delivery

One of the up and coming drone operator jobs available is package delivery. Already, tech giant Google and leading e-commerce site Amazon have begun rolling out drone delivery programs. Although these programs are largely still in their testing phase, in the future there could be mass recruitment of drone operators to facilitate the quick and painless delivery of goods we buy online.

At the moment, there is still a lot of assessment going on to determine how well drones can deliver packages. Even though the jobs may become available in the next few years, flying delivery drones will remain a challenge due to restrictive laws on drone usage as well as a lack of wide-open spaces in which to fly them.

The rules governing the use of drones within cities and towns prove to be by far the biggest challenge to flying delivery drones. Other problems that may make this job difficult include finding ways to load up the drone properly, getting drones to stay in the air long enough to complete their deliveries, and identifying the destination of the package.

Package delivery drones may still become a reality despite these issues, and as a certified drone operator, it is one of the jobs you can apply for in the near future.

2. Surveillance

Drones are extremely useful for surveillance, and this makes them a prime choice for law enforcement. They are fast, quiet, and capable of giving the police a perfect bird’s eye view of crime scenes, crimes in progress, buildings, and roads. Monitoring and curbing criminal activity is a lot easier when you’ve got good visuals of the situation, so a drone pilot that’s working with law enforcement must be extremely good at what they do.

Drones that are used for surveillance have much more powerful cameras with capabilities like night vision and infrared, and the pilot’s job is to get it as close to the target as possible without giving their position away or scaring off the suspect. Surveillance drones are properly equipped with the capability to find items and people even in well-hidden areas.

Anyone that might be interested in a job like this will, of course, have to go through extensive training in addition to the drone flying courses in order to provide the level of aerial assistance that law enforcement needs to stay on top of dangerous situations. Since you’ll be working directly with the police, you should expect to have a lot of background checks done on you to determine whether you’re the best fit for the job.

3. Photography

Unlike the drone operator jobs we’ve looked at already, aerial photography jobs are already widely available for certified drone pilots. Drones are quickly becoming crucial tools in photography, not just because they have an aerial advantage, but also due to their ability to fit in tight nooks.

Whether it’s event photography, tracking wildlife populations, or simply taking breathtaking pictures of city landscapes, drones are a superb choice. Unfortunately, since drone photography jobs are so common, there is a lot of competition. What sets you apart in this particular field is your skill and reputation.

If you want to be good at this particular drone operator job, then you might find drone photography tutorials quite useful. Being able to take spectacular drone shots from unique angles is what will make companies clamor for your services because as many pilots and photographers as there are, only a select few can do both tasks excellently.

4. Construction

Design and planning in construction is almost completely reliant on drones today. Surveying the work site, especially for big projects, can be a time-consuming endeavor to take on without the assistance of a drone. Land vehicles just don’t have the edge to compete with drones in an area where aerial shots provide the most insight into the progress of the project, or indeed the best way to plan for it.

Construction experts use drones fitted with scanners to properly assess the worksite, giving them the ability to create detailed models of the project even before construction begins. For certified drone pilots, construction jobs are the most easily obtainable UAV pilot jobs on the market right now, so if you have your license already, this is a great place to start looking for work.

5. Cinematography

It’s hard to believe that before drones, you had to rent out a helicopter to get aerial footage, which as you can imagine was very expensive. Now, even a mid-tier drone, which costs just a couple hundred dollars, can do the job quite well.

Aerial footage has revolutionized the movie-making industry, making it possible for filmmakers to take extremely impressive aerial shots even in closed buildings. Obviously, you can’t do that with a helicopter.
Though you’ll find the majority of video drones being used at events, Hollywood filmmakers are finding them increasingly useful for aerial videos. If you fancy yourself as a skilled drone cinematographer, this is one very exciting job you can apply for right now.

Plenty of Drone Operator Jobs Available

The job market is already flooded with tens of thousands of drone pilot jobs in the US alone. This is a number that is steadily rising and will continue to go up as the demand for drones in various industries continues to grow.

In a year, there may be 33 percent more drone operator jobs available according to Bloomberg. So, if you are confident with your drone flying and photography/cinematography skills, getting a license should be the final step before you can successfully land a well-paying job as a drone operator. Hopefully this blog post answered your question as to who hires drone pilots and gave you a better idea of all the jobs available to people who can fly drones.



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