We Are Entering a Drone Powered Economy

There are some trends that change the world and shift the economy – the Internet, for example, did exactly that. The next big shift could well be in the form of UAVs.

Drones were, until recently, something that were only used by the military. Then they became useful for flying cameras, and then they became the toys that geeks would play with – but now they are becoming far more mainstream, and tech companies are looking to get involved with the drone industry – an industry that could grow to double ints size by 2024, according to some analysts. If you’re someone who wants to grow your business, then considering how to bring in the latest technology is a good idea. Drones have a lot of promise, and they are well worth exploring for what they can do.

The law surrounding commercial drones can be confusing. It’s important that you check how commercial companies can use unmanned aerial vehicles in your area, because in some countries there are strict regulations that limit what a business owner can do with a drone, and where they can be flown. There may be safety rules or regulations, or licenses that you need to pick up before you can start using drones.

Getting Started in the Drone Industry

If you are looking to get started in the world of flying UAVs, then you should get a Remote Pilot Certificate. This will allow you to fly drones commercially, and to operate a drone business. There are Drone Pilot Ground Schools, and these will help you get prepared to take the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test. Pass this test, and you will be in a good position to provide your drone services to customers, and you will be able to get a drone certification that ensures you are fully compliant with the latest regulations that have been implemented by the FAA. This includes Part 107 which covers UAVs.

Opportunities to Run a Drone Business

These days, there are numerous potential uses for skilled drone pilots. If you’re looking for business ideas, then consider getting started with some of these:

A One-Man Filmmaking Service

If you are skilled with a camera and a drone pilot then you can use your skills to make the kind of montages and videos that would previously have required a helicopter. Drones are safe, small, easy to maneuver, and far less expensive than helicopters, making filmmaking a great opportunity. You can offer wedding or events photography, and combine photography or film making skills with the drone skills to have more than one potential income source. If you have something that is a passion such as sports or nature, then you can use that knowledge and expertise to carve out a niche for yourself.

Inspection services

USe drones to inspect farms or mines, to identify pests, survey large areas and check your crop health or look for weeds. You can use drones to get a birds-eye view of fields, spot water or flooding issues, identify blights, and generally keep an eye on large areas of land without having to take long trips to do a manual survey. Drones are a huge time saver.

Mapping Services

Drones can be combined with a geo-referenced map and used to measure and quantify large areas that a manual survey team could take a few days to cover. This makes them a good choice for mining engineers, architects or construction site owners who want to cover large areas safely, without having to send in human teams until it is absolutely necessary.

Drone Repairs

With the number of drones that are in use now, it’s only natural to assume that there will be crashes and failures. Drone repair is going to grow in popularity just as drone use is. Look into things like 3D printing parts as a way of cutting costs, and remember that knowing how to use a technology and how to maintain it is a good way to stay ahead of the curve and be a person that is in demand. 

Drone Training

Another option for those who get in early is to offer drone training. Just like there are still driving schools now, there will always be the need for people to teach users how to fly drones. You can train people with good, easy to fly drones and inexpensive cameras, so that they can get experience of practical ways of working with drones in a real world situation.

Delivery Drones

Delivery drones are already a thing in a lot of big cities. Some of these are self-flown or self-piloting, but there could still be demand for drones that are perhaps supervised by humans at certain points along the route.

Drone Advertising 

Advertising and marketing with drones could be a useful thing because drones are becoming an increasingly common sight. Why not have the drones covered in decals? Why not have drones that fly around a supermarket advertising popular products? Walmart is considering how drones can help with inventory management, and if the drones are already htere it makes sense to use them for some extra customer-facing tasks too.

Combine drones with big data and you have some powerful tools that could significantly alter the way the information landscape works.

The air drone craze is big business now and it is useful for everything from inspecting pipelines and turbines to delivering packages (something Amazon is doing) and even food (Something that Dominos is investigating). It can be used to inspect roofing and do the other jobs that are traditionally considered dangerous, and it offers some valuable entertainment potential too. Those who have skills in flying drones, working with the electronics or developing software and AI tools could well benefit from the drone craze. The good news is that it’s not too late to learn, either – so if you’re looking to re-train, why not consider getting started in a field where there is still not a massive amount of competition. You may have  missed the boat with cryptocurrencies (or maybe not), but drones are another thing that is low risk and that could well be here to stay. Start thinking about what drones could do for your business, and you’ll have a chance to leapfrog ahead of the competition.

If you decide to take a financial interest in the drone industry but don’t want direct investment – here are the best drone stocks


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