Top 5 Drones For Beginners Under $100

Getting your first drone is an amazing experience. We at Drone Rich would like to help aid you in making it the positive experience it can be by personally recommending our top 5 picks of consumer drones for beginners that are under 100 dollars.

5 – FY326 Q7
The FY326 Q7 is among the best starter quadcopter drones under $100 not only because it’s easy to fly, but also because of it’s incredibly cheap price! This awesome drone may not have all the capabilities that the drones in the multi-thousand dollar price range have, but it does it’s job and it does it well given the cheap price.

FY326Q7 – Amazon

4 – Syma X5C-1
Costing a little bit more than the FY326 drone, the Syma X5C-1 is essentially the same exact drone, other than the fact that it has a built in camera. Doing a quick YouTube search on videos taken by the X5C-1 will reveal that the quality is what you would expect for a drone this price, not the best. The camera can be quickly upgraded however by simply adding a small lightweight Mobius camera in replacement of the stock one.

Syma X5C-1 Amazon

3 – DM007 NighthawkCosting a bit more than both the Syma and the FY326, the DM007 Nighthawk beats each of these drones in it’s looks. It’s hard to believe that a drone that looks this good is priced at under $100! It’s understandable as to why they called it the 007.
DM007 Drone – Amazon

2 – MJX X800
The X800 is my personal favorite out of all of the drones in this list because as an owner of one, I love how fast it can go! I’ve seen YouTube videos of the x800 going over 30MPH, and while this aspect of the drone may not seem to be appealing to beginners, the MJX X800 also has a beginners mode in which it flies slow and steadily. Rather than being a quadcopter, this awesome little toy drone is considered a hexacopter since it has six props.

MJX X800 Hexacopter – Amazon

1 – Syma X8C
This is the quadcopter that I started with. It must be said that this is a big drone and I don’t know how Syma managed to sell this monster for under $100. That being said, it is not the perfect drone for beginners, but it has the most value of any drone I have seen being sold for under 100 dollars. I still managed to learn to fly using the X8C and even after dozens of crashes she still flew fine. Also, the camera on this quadcopter is terrible and we recommend adding a small action camera such as a GoPro to it like I did. It carries a GoPro, however the weight is noticeable. A great heavy lifter!

Syma X8C Venture Quadcopter – Amazon

Thank you for reading our drone buying guide in which we listing our picks of the top 5 drones for beginners that are under $100. Hope it helped!


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