The Best Drones Under $100


Whether you are new to flying drones or you are a seasoned hobbyist, finding a good drone can be tough. This is especially true when you consider how expensive the best drones are. Don’t worry, there is a plethora of amazing and cheap drones that cost less that $100. In this list, we have narrowed down our picks of the best drones under $100. Also, budget drones and quadcopters like the ones in this list are ideal for children and adults alike.

Syma X5C-1

The Syma X5C-1 is arguably the best drone at it’s price point. It is an upgraded version of Syma’s original X5C. Best of all, it is ready to fly out of the box. Believe it or not, this amazing, cheap drone even comes with a camera!

The drone can fly for 5 to 6 minutes and the camera it is equipped with is 2MP. If you remove this camera, the drone will even fly for longer.

UDI U845

Do you wan’t a drone that looks like a UFO? The UDI U845 will do the trick! This drone is actually a hexacopter, rather than a quadcopter like most drones on this list. That means it has six propellers instead of four. It actually has an HD 2MPX camera. Also, the camera includes FPV support.

Having FPV means that you can see what the drone sees in real time on your phone. The battery lasts for about 8 minutes, a bit more than the Syma X8C-1. By the press of a button, this UDI drone can preform 360 flips with ease. The LCD controller takes 4 AAA batteries. We recomend getting some rechargeable batteries to keep costs down in the long run. The battery takes around 2 hours to charge.


The Husban X4 is for those who want to take their drone flying to the next level. Incorporated in the controller of this drone is a screen that allows you see what the drone’s camera sees in real time. Unlike WiFi FPV systems like those found on cheaper drones, the Husban X4’s FPV system relies on a 5.8ghz radio signal. This provides much better quality.

You can fly the X4 as far as 100 meters away. That’s over 300 feet! It only takes about 30 minutes to recharge and has a flight time of 6-8 minutes.

Syma X8C

Our pick for the number one best drone under $100 is the Syma X8C. This drone is an extreme bargain. I have bought 2 X8Cs and they are a blast to fly. I also own expensive drones such as the DJI Phantom 3 Professional, but I find the Syma X8C more fun to fly in some ways. For example, I am willing to take more risks with the X8C and this just overall makes the flying experience better.

It comes with a camera, however we recommend that you take it off due to being bad quality. Instead, attach a small action camera like a GoPro to the drone. You heard right, this cheap drone can actually life a GoPro! Check out this video of the X8C carrying a GoPro at high altitude.