Syma X8W Review

If you’ve used small drones like the RealACC R10 for quite some time, you will agree with me that it’s time you took drone flying a notch higher. Perhaps you are new to flying and have a good budget to start up with intermediate range drones. Whichever is the case, the Syma X8W Quadcopter is one drone too many. Being a medium size and somewhere between the smaller and professional league quadcopter available, it would make sure you enjoy some advanced feature while not blowing away all of your budget. At its price range, this beautifully designed drone offers users with Wi-Fi technology and enough power to pick GoPro camera and go ahead to take those pictures you love on the move. Isn’t that awesome? Without further wasting time, I will go ahead to list some of the Syma X8W quadcopters features and why it’s going to be the perfect one for you to fly.

What your purchase comprises of

The actual SYMA X8HW Quadcopter, A Wifi Camera, A Mobile phone retaining clip, A Transmitter, 4 x Propeller Guides, 2 x Landing Gear, 1 x Battery, 1 x Screwdriver, 1 x Charger box, and 1 x Manual.

More details on the Syma X8W quad features

Battery and Flight time

This super drone comes with a 7.4V Li-poly battery with a whopping 2000mAH capacity, yea I said it right. With full charge of about 200 minutes, you can afford a flight time of up to 10 minutes with your camera turned on. That quite enough time to pleasure yourself. Strangely you get the same flying time with or without your camera hotspots connected, so why go without them? The transmitters also require 4 1.5V AA batteries which you would get separately. 

FPV and camera

With the 2mp HD camera, you can comfortably take pictures and videos on your Android or iOS phone via FPV app on your phone. All it takes is about 20 seconds for your camera to completely set up. A little problem is that with distance, the latency reduces, so you may need to fly your drone within sight to enjoy the best video feed. Of course at its price you get good views though not as awesome as the 5.8GHz transmission frequency that products like DJI’s Lightbridge offer.

Blade Protector

These add-ins on both blades would see to it that your blades are protecting all through their beautiful flight time. I would also help avoid wears and serve as anti-collision. 


  • Made of sturdy parts.
  • Blades protected with blade protected.
  • Enough power to carry GoPro camera.
  • Hotspot WI-FI enabled HD camera for acquiring video feed on your smartphone.
  • Extended fight time on a powerful Li-Po battery.


  • Lacks memory card slot to store video
  • Take a lot of time to recharge the battery. 

Final Words on the SYMA X8HW Quadcopter

I feel this quadcopter would serve you flying needs if you want to enjoy extra features without bleeding you precious pockets. Am not saying that you’ll get all the nice features of the high-end brand, but SYMA X8HW Quadcopter comes really close. If you are a beginner or an intermediate flyer on a tight budget that want to record videos as you fly, then this is it. 


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