Syma X11C

Have you ever wondered what flying a fun drone could look like? Perhaps you are looking for one of the best mini drone within your budget?  Then I can assure you that the Syma X11C is one quadcopter you need to try out. To get a drone that offers a lot of fine features without digging deep into your pocket is the secret dream of every drone flyer. For beginners and intermediates that want to wrap their hands around drone flying, there couldn’t be any better suggestion. In this review, I would take you through reasons why the Syma X11C is the best mini drone available. 

Contents of the Syma X11C box

  • One Syma X11C quadcopter
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 2.4Ghz Remote Controller
  • Single 3.7V  LiPo battery (250mAH)
  • 4 x propellers
  • One  microSD card
  • Propeller guard
  • Manual for the Syma X11C

Syma X11C Mini Drone – Features


This lovely quadcopter is designed with a durable plastic material so it could comfortably combine being both sturdy and lightweight. It also has four arms to keep the propellers well positioned. There’s a propeller protector to keep the propellers safe from wears or obstructions. These protectors look like they are removable but I won’t advise you to take them off to avoid damaging the propellers.

Syma X11C

Battery and Flight Time

The SYMA X11C works on a single 3.7V 250mAh LiPo battery. With its capacity, it would afford you a flight time of about 7 minutes as it takes charge of the free space around you. Charging is made easy with the USB cable. It advertises 60 meters of flight distance but it goes way past that without any hassle. About 60 minutes is enough to get the battery fully charged. The battery is also removable so you could get more than one of it and easily swap so you can go on flying without any interruptions.  

Stands up to obstructions

The SYMA X11C mini drone is very forgiving that even though it crashes into objects it does stay in the air. Some other quadcopters would hit the ground immediately they bump into obstructions but not this one. This is a great obstacle course flyer. It would be perfect for your kids, beginners and experts alike for both indoor and outdoor flying sections. You’ll get buttons on the well-made average-sized controller to tare in case your drone starts drifting to one side. 

Video and Camera

This drone comes equipped with HD camera that would allow you capture all the beautiful flying moment with your quadcopter. The 2MP that the camera offers is enough to get you decent pictures, though you’ll get better camera feed from the DJI Mavic Pro if you on a bigger budget. You even get to keep the 4gb microSD card that comes with this quadcopter to record every bit of the way. Overall, the quality beats the price of this quadcopter.


  • Stays in the air after hitting obstacles.
  • High and low flying sensitivity settings.
  • Longer travel distance.


  • Very sensitive to the breeze.
  • Yaw appears slow.

Concluding notes on SYMA X11C mini drone

For a drone that’s this cheaply priced, I think you’ll definitely get way more than you paid for. I know the camera and video quality isn’t close to the highly priced Phantom series, but like I said, it’s enough to try your hands before moving to the big leagues. Still, the SYMA X11C is unarguably one of the best mini drones you can lay hands on!


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