OBTAIN F803 Review – The Cheaper Mavic

OBTAIN F803 Review

Upon first glance, you can probably tell that the OBTAIN F803 is a copy of the DJI Mavic. When comparing the two drones side by side, you can see the similarities. The folding arms, camera gimbal, and even the similar color scheme are hard to dismiss. In this OBTAIN F803 review, we take a look at why you might want to get it over the more expensive Mavic.

Even though the OBTAIN F803 is not sold by a big company like DJI, it is worth looking into, because of the $600 difference in price. Unlike DJI however, C-Fly, the company that makes the OBTAIN F803, is not known for continuous firmware updates and great customer support.

OBTAIN F803 Design

The OBTAIN F803 folded up.

When feeling the materials the two drones are made of, you can tell the F803 is made of a cheaper plastic than the Mavic. The Mavic feels more robust to hold in your hand, and the OBTAIN feels as if it would be a bit more fragile.


Surprisingly, the OBTAIN F803 can remain flying for up to 27 minutes. This is more than DJI’s Spark, which is a smaller version of the Mavic.

OBTAIN F803’s Range

The F803 has a range of just 800 meters. And that is with a remote. Without the remote, it will only go about 200 meters. The drone can still fly without a remote, but this is using Wifi and a smartphone.

While the DJI Mavic has a top speed of 40mph in sport mode, the F803 can go 33mph.

OBTAIN F803 gimbal and camera
The OBTAIN F803’s gimbal and camera

Camera and Gimbal

The camera on the Obtain shoots at 1080p and 25fps. For still pictures, the OBTAIN F803’s camera shoots at 3.7 MP. While 1080p sounds good, watching the video shot on this drone afterwards may leave you wanting a better resolution.

Surprisingly, C-Fly was able to put a 3-axis gimbal on this drone. The footage is very stable, and it’s amazing that a drone in this price point is able to have a functional camera gimbal. Also it has a dual GPS/GLONASS system, which ensures the drone itself is stable while flying.


  • Foldable arms and propellers;
  • GPS positioning system (Ensures drone doesn’t drift away)
  • Intelligent flight modes (Follow Mode)
  • Fail-safe auto return to home (Low voltage or Out of control range)
  • 2212 brushless motors
  • 5MP camera
  • 2K picture resolution and 1920×1080 video recording
  • HD real-time image transmission (FPV)
  • 3-axis brushless gimbal
  • Up to 54 km/h (33mph) flight speed
  • Around 22 minutes of flight autonomy


Thanks so much for reading this OBTAIN F803 review. If you are looking for a drone that is less expensive that the DJI Mavic but has many of the same features, this one might be right for you.

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  • Cheaper than the DJI Mavic
  • Portable
  • Lightweight


  • Not as Fast as The Mavic