NASA Working On New Drone Killer


Drones are typically used by common people as a means of taking breathtaking photos and videos from the sky. They have enabled people with the ability to fly. With this being said, there are those that have used drones for much more sinister purposes. For example, drones have been used to help prisoners escape and spy on people.
NASA has recently began work on a new technique known as geofencing. This is when a software system creates an invisible fence that prevents the flying of drones inside them. Drones inside the fence would be unable to take off, and drones flying into the fence would stop working and fall out of the sky.
To prevent drones from falling out of the sky and potentially harming people below and from a pilot losing their drone, the technology has an area surrounding the no-fly area that alerts the drone pilot that they are about to fly into the restricted area.
There is no need to worry yet, as these technologies will be used in areas like airports and maybe sports stadiums. Currently, they are still in production, and most people don’t fly their drones near these areas anyway.
Remember to fly safe everyone, and have a great day!