How much fun can you have for $40? Let’s find out! The MJX X800 is a relatively cheap mid-sized hexacopter that can be found online for just under 40 U.S. dollars. What jumped out to me when searching and buying this drone is the reported high speed flying it could do.

Having a Cheerson CX-20 and previously a Syma X8C, I knew I needed a drone that was capable of high speeds and wasn’t too big. With everything I had heard, the X800 fit the bill. Another cool feature I saw was something called “gravity mode” in which the pilot could control the hexacopter by simply tiling the controller every which way.

The MJX X800 in all of it’s glory

The first thing I noticed when flying the X800 for the first time was it’s speed. The drone itself consists of three speeds: low, medium, and high. The low speed is perfect for beginners and is great for learning how to fly a drone. The medium speed is perfect. It is actually the highest speed the drone can obtain however is is called “medium” due to that fact that the high speed makes the drone auto-flip when you pull the directional stick in any direction.

Overall, the MJX X800 is a great mid-size drone that’s perfect for anyone looking for a hexacopter that has some serious speed!


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