Feilun FT011 Review – Fast and Cheap RC Boat


Welcome to my review of the Feilun FT011, which is a high speed RC racing boat priced extremely competitively. I used to have the FT012 which was the slower version of this boat, so in this review I’ll walk you through whether it’s worth getting this slightly higher priced boat.

The main differences between the two boats is that the FT011 is a bit bigger and faster than the FT012.

What is driving this boat actually like?

Now let’s get into it. You came on this review because you want to know what driving the Feilun FT011 is actually like. Let me sum it up for you in three words: a fast, cheap, and fun.

I wasn’t expecting much when I bought the FT011, but if it was at least as fun as the FT012 I would have been satisfied. Let me tell you, it’s way more fun than the FT012 and way faster as well.

Even though this boat is bigger, it still seems incredibly fast for the price, not to mention the price. The acceleration is also very impressive for a boat this size and of this price point.

You can check out my video review of the FT011 here:

In the video, I show you what you get in the box when you buy the FT011 and take it for multiple test runs demonstrating how the RC boat handles both rough and calm waters.

I also took the boat for a run in a small river to demonstrate its impressive turning radius capabilities.


The FT011 has a top speed of 55 km/h, a water cooling system, and even a brushless motor. The RC boat also features a reverse feature that allows you to get out of sticky situations, however note that it does pull the boat back into the water a little.

One of the most interesting features on this boat is the self righting feature. I demonstrate what that actually looks like in my video review above, and I must say that it is an amazingly handy feature.

All you have to do is simply put the boat into reverse, give it some throttle, and then immediately put it into drive. This will cause the FT011 to self right. It even works in choppy waters which is a huge plus since most of the time rough waves is what will cause the boat to flip.

One of the only downsides to the FT011 is its size. Due to being a bigger boat, it’s a bit less portable.


Overall, I highly recommend the Feilun FT011 to anyone looking to get into RC boating or even RC boat enthusiasts who are looking to get a great fast bot at an affordable price.

If you’re interested in buying this boat for the best price, check it out here: BUY THE FEILUN FT011 RC RACING BOAT


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