DJI Tello Review – Best Budget Drone?

DJI Tello Review

Drones are typically pretty large and cost a lot of money. While you can get cheap toy drones for under $20, they don’t typically come with features such as having an HD camera. Well, there’s a new drone on the market made that costs under $100 and has some really impressive features.

Ryze Tech, Intel, and DJI teamed up to create the Tello drone. While some people refer to this drone as the DJI Tello, it is actually the result of a joint effort of these three companies.

Camera and Video Quality

The first thing you are probably wondering is if a drone for under $100 can take video that is any good. We at Drone Rich wanted to find out, so we took the DJI Tello drone for a test flight and took some sample video.

If you’re interested you can watch our video unboxing, review, and test flight of the DJI Tello here:

Our video review and test flight of the DJI Tello

Overall, I was really surprised at the video that this drone was able to take. While there is no three-axis-gimble on this quadcopter, as opposed to the more expensive drones made by DJI like the Mavic and Phantom, the footage was still shockingly smooth.

The Ryze / DJI Tello features built in electronic stabilization to provide such smooth footage. I will say that it was very calm on the day that I flew the Tello, but I was still blown away by just how smooth the video looked.

Flying and Control of The DJI Tello

Another thing I was shocked about regarding this drone was just how stable it was while flying. Like I said, it wasn’t a very windy day so I don’t know how it would preform in heavy wind, but it was incredibly stable and maintained altitude with ease.

To control the Tello, you have to use a smartphone. I always prefer controlling a drone with an actual controller, but I will say that the DJI Tello was among the better smartphone-controlled drones. If it didn’t have automatic altitude hold, I don’t think it would be possible to fly with such ease. Altitude hold simply means that the drone will retain it’s current altitude without you having to hold the stick, or in this case the virtual control stick on your smartphone.

You need the Tello app to fly this drone, and it can be found on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


The DJI Tello has a number of cool features, other than just altitude hold. Some of them include the following.

Automatic Take off and Landing

To take off with this drone, you simply hit a single button within the Tello app. This makes getting into the air super easy. It also has automatic landing, which means that you first lower the drone above the point in which you want to land, and then hit another simple button and the drone will land itself.

The automatic landing feature is accurate enough to land on a park bench, as demonstrated in our video review and test flight of the DJI Tello.


The DJI Tello is much more than just a toy. For just $100 you get a drone packed with features of drones that are typically 10 times the price. If you’re looking for a cheap drone that can take stable video, I recommend the Tello.

If you have a higher budget of $1,000 to spend on a drone, I would recommend taking a look at the more expensive drones by DJI like the Mavic.


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