If you’re looking for an inexpensive mini drone that you can fly indoors, the Cheerson CX-10 could be a great option. Here is our review of the Cheerson CX-10 mini drone.

Aside from everything else, what’s amazing about this mini quadcopter is the fact that you can buy one online for under $20 plus free shipping in the United States if you buy one from Amazon.

The box that the Cheerson CX-10 comes in

Here is the box that the Cheerson CX-10 comes in. As you can see, the drone is so small that it only takes up the top portion of the box.

Here’s what comes in the box of the CX-10

When you open the box, you’ll find the drone on top, a yellow USB charging cable, a mini controller, a manual, and even some spare props.

For a drone under $20 USD, I was a little surprised that it came with so much, especially the spare propellers, which are incredibly useful by the way.

Look how small!

What shocked me more than what it cam with was the drone itself. I don’t think I was prepared for how small the Cheerson CX-10 really is. Look at the photo above for comparison against my hand.

After unboxing, you’ll probably be eager to fly like I was, but first you have to charge the drone. You can either plug the USB charging cable into a USB wall adapter or a computer. I found that wall adapters tend to charge the drone faster.

After plugging into the wall, then you plug the other end of the cable directly into the back of the drone. The LED should light up red when charging and then go out when it’s done.

Here’s what it looks like when the CX-10 is charging

The controller takes two AAA batteries which are not included, so be sure to get some before you get your drone so you can fly it as soon as possible.

Test Flight

You simply flip a switch on the back to turn the Cheerson CX-10 on, and you’ll be greeted by four lights under each engine of the drone turning on. Blue lights mark the front and red lights mark the back.

During my test flight, the first thing I noticed was the responsiveness and control of the CX-10. I’ve flown mini drones at a similar price point that were completely unmanageable to fly, but the CX-10 did an amazing job when I got it trimmed out.

If you’re interested in seeing how this drone actually flies, here is my video review and indoor test flight of the CX-10:

My video review of the Cheerson CX-10

I had a lot of fun doing some acrobatic flying with this mini drone and in my opinion it’s the perfect little drone to learn on due to how responsive it is and how cheap it is.

I did break a few propellers after a few days of heavy use, so those spare props it came with came in handy. Speaking of crashing, I must have crashed the drone 20 times and some of them were pretty rough. 9 times out of 10, the drone was able to fly immediately again, and a few times all I had to do was bend the propeller back to it’s original position.

Hair did get in the propellers a few times after crashing the drone into the carpet inside, but taking the propellers off to remove the hair was easy using a needle nose pliers.

Should you buy the Cheerson CX-10?

In conclusion, the Cheerson CX-10 is a perfect mini drone for beginners who are just getting into the hobby of drone flying, and even seasoned drone pilots who want a mini drone they can take with them and fly wherever.


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