Today we review the JJRC H36 mini drone and take it for a test flight. In our opinion, this is the best beginner drone out there. This little quadcopter is great for beginner drone flyers, kids, and those looking for a small indoor drone.

The JJRC H36 is a mini drone marketed towards people new to flying drones and kids. We at Drone Rich think the H36 is a great drone for kids due to extra safety measures such as heavy duty prop guards.


The body of the JJRC H36 mini drone looks somewhat similar to a body you might find on one of the more expensive tiny whoop drones that typically come with an FPV camera. The H36 does not have a camera, but this actually helps the flight time and performance for the drone tremendously due to not having to carry around the extra weight.

The prop guards on this drone make it very difficult to accidentally get one of your fingers between the propeller along with the design of the propellers themselves. There is also a blue LED light in the front and a red LED in the back.


The controller that comes with the JJRC H36 is similar to a lot of the controllers that come with drones of this price point. It looks about the same as the controller that comes with the Cheerson CX-10. The controller takes two AA batteries which are not included.

Test Flight

The flight performance on this drone is amazing, but before I get into my experience flying the JJRC H36 it should be noted that the drone has a flight time of about 6 minutes.

If you’re interested in seeing what the JJRC H36 actually looks like in the air and some examples of aerobatic flying with this mini drone, check out our YouTube video in which I take the H36 for a test flight below.

Despite some wind during my test flight of the H36, this mini drone did an amazing job in terms of flight performance. I took the drone for a range test and even after flying outside my line of sight, I was still able to maneuver the drone back to me while also fighting some wind. The insanely far flight range was a huge surprise to me after flying the H36 for the first time in the video above.

During the test flight, I also managed to crash the JJRC H36 a few times and even once from a high altitude. Despite the abuse, the drone still managed to fly perfectly. Due to the sturdy design of this quadcopter, the JJRC H36 is one of the most durable mini drones I have ever flown.

I had a lot of fun flying the JJRC H36 acrobatically around light posts and under park benches, and I loved that I didn’t have to worry about breaking a propeller if I were to accidentally hit anything. The prop gaurds keep the propellers safe, and even if you were to run into anything, this drone actually comes with extra propellers as well.


Overall, the JJRC H36 is in my opinion one of the best beginner drones out there. Even if you are a more advanced drone flyer like myself, I still love the H36, because I can take a lot more chance with it due to the affordability and durability aspect of this mini drone.

If you are looking for one of the best mini drones for kids or beginners in general, the JJRC H36 is one of my top recommendations.


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