The Best Beginner Drone! JJRC H36 Review


Are you looking for the best beginner drone? Look no further than the JJRC H36. In this review we cover everything regarding this mini drone.

The JJRC H36 is incredibly cheap. This little quadcopter greatly resembles the Inductrix drone, which is a popular FPV platform. The H36 could be a good base for building a small FPV quadcopter.

It is great when it comes to indoor flying. Also, this drone would be amazing for kids. This is due to its prop guards and thick propellers which reduce any chance for injury.


The JJRC H36 is a great quadcopter when it comes to durability and portability. The prop guards make this little quadcopter virtually indestructible. While flying it, I crashed it from as high as 50 feet onto pavement and found it without a scratch. Other mini drones with exposed props such as the Cheerson CX-10 would have definitly broke props if they experienced the same abuse I put the H36 through.


The battery life on this drone is quite short. It lasts about 5 minutes in the air. But this problem can easily be fixed by buying extra batteries.


The flight performance of the JJRC H36 is remarkable. It offers two speeds, a high a low, which offers two types of flying experiences. The slow speed is great for kids and beginner drone flyers, while the high speed is where the fun is! It has a decent yaw rate, but it is not too fast.

It features the ability to preform flips like most other mini drones. Flips are smooth, however it does loose a bit of altitude when preforming them. Just give it a little power when preforming a flip and it won’t hit the ground.

It even has a headless mode function as well as a return to home feature. When using this feature, the drone just flies backwards to where it took off.

JJRC H36 Specs

  • Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 30mm
  • Features:
    • Headless Mode
    • 3D Flips
    • High and low flight speed
    • Return to home
  • Weight: 22g (with battery)
  • Battery: 3.7V 150mAh Li Po
  • Charging time: around 30 minutes
  • Flight time: around about 6 minutes
  • Control Range: 30┬ámeters
  • Controller Batteries: 2 AA batteries (not included)

The Best Beginner Drone?

If you are in search of a small indoor drone that preforms great, the JJRC H36 is one of the best options out there. In my opinion, it is the best beginner drone currently for sale. This is because of the prop guards, which make the drone immune to countless crashes. If you want to take your H36 to the next level, consider getting buying an FPV camera that will allow you to see from the drone’s perspective.

The body of the H36 is also quite tough, however this toughness means more weight on the drone. This reduces flight time. If you add an FPV camera, flight time will be decreased to about 3 minutes.

It is really fun to preform acrobatics with the JJRC H36. I have done acrobatics with other mini drones like the Cheerson CX-10 before, but propellers do not break easily on the H36. The prop guards allow you to take more chances than you would otherwise.










  • Prop Gaurds
  • Long Range
  • Can preform flips
  • Cheap
  • 2 Flight Speeds: High and Low


  • Short Battery Life