We shot this amazing drone footage above Belize City, Belize last summer. I finally got around to uploading the video to YouTube a few days ago.

We used a DJI Mavic Pro to shoot this amazingly colorful drone footage of Belize.

As you can see in the video, at first, I had a bit of trouble with focusing. With the DJI Mavic, you have to touch the screen to focus the camera. It doesn’t have autofocus like the DJI Phantom.

Belize Drone Footage Taken With The DJI Mavic

Also, later in the video, I put the Mavic into sport mode and reached speeds upwards of 40 MPH. This also helped combat the intensive wind the drone faced during the flight.

I followed a tugboat a little towards the end of the video, and sport mode allowed the Mavic to keep up with the boat.

I got a notification in the DJI app warning of the detected high wind speed. This was helpful information because it was not as windy on the ground. This allowed me to know that switching the drone into sport mode was the right decision.

After reviewing the Belize drone footage, I was amazed at how clear the 4K footage was.