How To Avoid Jello in Drone Footage


In this tutorial, we take a look at how to avoid jello in drone footage and fix shaky drone video. One of the most frustrating things to finish a drone flight only to find your video is too shaky to fully appreciate.

What is jello?

Shaky drone footage is commonly referred to as jello. This is due to the footage shaking similar to how jello would when vibrated.

The most common cause of shaky drone video is an improper balance of the drone’s propellers.  That’s why it’s always a good idea to balance your props before taking your drone for a flight, especially when you intend to shoot aerial video.

Jello is usually caused when a camera is mounted on a cheap drone such as the Dowellin Toys X20. When an action camera is directly mounted on a quadcopter, the vibrations from the drones motors can cause the footage to appear shaky.

Drones such as the DJI Mavic Pro don’t usually have this issue because of their built-in gimbals which automatically compensate for any vibrations.

How to avoid jello in your videos?

There are several methods to avoid jello in your drone footage. From DIY fixes to balancing your props, here are the best ways to fix shaky drone video.

Balance Your Props

While this may not completely eliminate the jello from your drone footage, balancing your props will significantly help. This will also make your drone more stable while flying. You can get a propeller balancer for just $20 on Amazon. This is a great investment and you can use it with any future drones you may own.

Use Sandpaper

If there is a weight difference in your props, you can use sandpaper to sand down the heavy side of the propellers. You want the blade to be a neutral balance when on your prop balancer.

Balance Drone Props Using Sandpaper
Using sandpaper is a great way to balance your drone propellers.

Scotch Tape

If you find your propellers to be imbalanced, you can also use scotch tape to fix this. Simply apply a small bit of scotch tape on the lighter side of the propellers until they are perfectly balanced.

Hope this tutorial helps you avoid jello and fix shaky drone video!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this tutorial helps you avoid jello and fix shaky drone video. If you have any tips you would like to share, feel free to leave a comment on this post!

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