6 Drone Photography Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow


While Instagram is full of accounts sharing cool photography, the best accounts are those in which share drone photography! In our opinion, a photo from the air is usually much more interesting that a photo taken from the ground. We have narrowed down the top 6 best drone photography Instagram accounts you need to follow.
6. Drohnengeek

Drohnenengeek features the best drone content that they come across. You can be sure that every photo is a fascinating one! Many of the aerial photos on this account are taken above the water.
5. Gonedronin

Gonedronin has over 64,000 Instagram followers and posts amazing aerial pictures and videos, many which were taken by himself. The framing in all his photos are truly incredible.
4. Air_view

Air view is an aerial filming company in Switzerland. They feature all their own photos of amazing drone equipment. You won’t believe some of the huge drones they use that appear to be carrying very heavy gimbals and DSLR cameras.
3. Smartdrones

Smartdrones, based in Alberta, Canada, features and curates some of the best drone pics and vids in the online drone community. They also own a drone that can carry a Red Epic camera. If you know anything about these high quality cameras, you know that they are HEAVY.
2. Dronespace

Dronespace has become a leading voice in the drone community in Instagram as they have amassed over 111,000 followers. Lately, they have been sharing mostly videos of some of the most amazing new drone inventions, such as lifesaving drones and drones that can operate underwater.
1. DroneRich (Us!)

Our account on Instagram, which is also called Drone Rich, features both content made by us, as well as the most incredible online drone content. If you’re on Instagram, be sure to tag us @dronerich and use the hashtag #dronerich to get your drone picture or video featured on our account.